Full Circle Generation, Energy from Waste Facility, Belfast.

The Full Circle Generation Energy from Waste Facility is a new energy plant at Belfast harbour.

The plant generates enough power for over 21,000 households and recovers energy from waste generated by over 155,000 Northern Irish households.

The facility employs a gasification process which uses refuse derived fuel converted by two steam generators to produce 15MWe. 10MW of the power is used by Bombardier Aerospace with the remaining 5MW will be fed into the local grid.

The Plant is the largest waste-to-energy power plant in Northern Ireland with a production capacity of 60 MW, treating more than 150,000 tonnes of feedstock derived from local commercial and industrial waste. The Plant helps save 50,000 tonnes of carbon per year.

Works undertaken by William Coates at the Energy From Waste facility included;

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