Eleclink HVDC Interconnector

Location: Eurotunnel Ashford Road Folkestone CT18 8XX

The ElecLink project is a HVDC electrical interconnector between the UK and France, passing through the Channel Tunnel. The ElecLink interconnector is one of the most advanced new interconnection projects across Europe and the first of its kind between Britain and France since 1986 and the first UK interconnector to be entirely funded by private finance.

The 51 km DC cable runs between converter stations at Peuplingues in France and Folkestone in the UK, with an additional 14.5 km of underground AC cable on the English side, and 3.5 km on the French side, to link the converter stations to the existing transmission networks.

The interconnector provides enough capacity for more than 1.65 million homes per year, increasing the current Anglo-French exchange capacity by one half, and enhancing the security of electricity supply for industrial and business consumers.

The interconnector is to pass through the north running tunnel and consists of the following primary components:

Security of the site was a major consideration of the William Coates team and we worked with the Main Contractor to ensure necessary provisions were employed throughout the project. Access to the site including deliveries was complex due to its proximity with the Eurotunnel. All deliveries and people movements were agreed with the Employer using the correct communication channels. To ensure minimal disruption, distribution networks using the tunnel was analysed to understand their peak hours and with our deliveries programmed outside their busiest hours.

The HVDC cables forming part of the ElecLink interconnector were located in the Channel Tunnel’s north rail tunnel. This gave practical benefits associated with having primary utilities, including cooling equipment, already installed.

ElecLink project had very low environment impact by making use of the existing Channel Tunnel infrastructure for its cable system, thus avoiding any interference with marine life. The success of our approach is evidenced in the excellent H&S record from our team in a complex delivery site.


Mechanical Services Installed at Eleclink Include;

Electrical Services Installed at Eleclink Include;

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