Moveen & Moylena House Fire Fighting Lift Installation

Location: Moveen & Moylena House, Benmore Drive, Belfast, BT10 0EF

The replacement of 4 no. passenger lifts with 4 new fire fighting passenger lifts complete with a generator back up facility. The clients brief for the project was to provide access to all floors including roof level via replacement of existing and installation of two modern lifts. The new lifts were to be installed in line with DDA and current legislation requirements. A back up emergency generator was to be installed in the event of a power cut to the tower blocks. Prior to works commencing William Coates produced an internal job specific programme for the removal, shaft works and installation which was communicated to all project stakeholders.

Within the new lifts we installed new lighting helping to prevents accidents and making the tower tenants feel safer. A two-way voice communication system gives passengers peace of mind when using the new lift. Automatic car and landing doors were installed to prevent accidents and improve accessibility.

The new lifts had wider opening doors and 60% more space in the car. This provided much easier access for passengers of all ages. The lift can now carry eight people instead of five. Its modern appearance also gives an attractive first impression for people visiting the building. All new lifts installed complied with the EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards.

Project Outcomes:

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