RVH Non-Clinical Support Building

Location: Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

The Non-Clinical Support Building will provide a new Receipt and Distribution Centre to support the New Children’s Hospital. It also facilitates an extension of the underground service tunnels at Level 0 for the delivery of goods and waste management along with new accommodation for Estates Services including offices, lockers, toilets, HV Plant rooms, comms rooms, mechanical plantrooms, LV Switch room, workshops – Joinery, mechanical and electrical, welding; PALS storage areas, clean / dirty goods storage, service corridors, tug storage, control rooms, management offices and IT Hubs.

The mechanical service installation consists of conventional HVAC, plumbing, drainage, and steam installation with BEMS connectivity. Steam and condensate services are routed from the existing PFI duct north of the new building into the service tunnel on level 0 frame of the NCS building fixed to a steel and rise to level 3 plant room via the mechanical riser as indicated on the drawings. A pumped steam condensate receiver unit is installed within the level 0 mechanical plant room.

All steam main pipework is Schedule 40 API 5L steel. Class 1 welding has been applied to all of the steam mains works over DN50. All connections up to DN50 are screwed using forged steel fittings for steam.

Mechanical Services Installed at the Royal Victoria Hospital Non-Clinical Building Project include;

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